Miss Kay's Danes

Great Dane Purchase Contract

Here at Miss Kay's Danes, we STRIVE to not only provide you with the PERFECT family member, but also to ensure that our dogs/Puppies go to the BEST home possible. 

Health Guarantee 

All of our dogs/Puppies produced by Miss Kay’s Danes comes with a 2 yr genetic health guarantee. This guarantee covers hips, eyes, and heart. In order to recieve any kind of refund/puppy from a different litter of the same cost or less, VET PROOF MUST BE PROVIDED. Depending on the age of the dog and what is GENETICALLY wrong with the dog will define how much of a refund is given, (if one at all) or if we choose to offer a replacement puppy instead.

Spay/Neuter Agreement

All puppies/dogs that are sold on LIMITED AKC RIGHTS will go on a STRICT spay/neuter contract and a STRICT return contract. The spay/neuter contract means you can NOT breed the dog, and said dog/puppy MUST be fixed at a MIN of 18 months old, MAX of 2 yrs old. NO EXCEPTIONS! The return contract means if for any reason you can not provide proper care, (including but not limited to food, water, shelter, licensed vet care) or have to rehome the dog/puppy, they MUST be returned to Miss Kay's Danes and no refund will be given! The reason we don't offer a refund when a dog/puppy is being returned is due to the fact that we don't know how long the dog/puppy will be in our care until they find a forever home, to help cover the costs that will come with adding another dog/puppy back into our home, and for any vet care that may be needed. 



All litters of puppies require a NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit of $400.00 to hold the puppy of your choice. (NOTE deposits AGAIN are NON-REFUNDABLE, BUT ARE TRANSFERABLE TO ANOTHER LITTER WITHIN 1 YRS TIME) The remaining balance is due at time of pick up. IF we have to hold your puppy PAST pick up day, a $20.00 fee PER DAY will be added to the total remaining balance for food, general care, and boarding. 

We reserve the right to back out of a puppy purchase agreement at ANY point prior to pick up, IF this is the case, YOUR DEPOSIT WILL BE REFUNDED.